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Middletown Mutual Aid and WesNEAT

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Middletown Mutual Aid Collective

Middletown Mutual Aid Collective (MMAC) does work throughout the community by meeting each other’s needs as they come.


“Mutual aid is people helping people. We have all types of needs: housing, food, medical, emotional, social, and more. We can meet them ourselves.” 

—Middletown Mutual Aid Collective 


Wealth at Wesleyan: Quick Facts

70% of Wesleyan students are in the top 20% while just 17% are in the bottom 20%.

Wesleyan is the most expensive four-year college in Connecticut and the 30th most expensive college in the US.


The average student's family income falls in the top 18th percentile in the US, while Middletown's average household income falls in the bottom 82nd percentile in Connecticut.

About WesNEAT

WesNEAT is a Wesleyan student organization dedicated to building solidarity between Wesleyan students and Middletown residents. We work closely with the North End Action Team (NEAT), a grassroots organization in Middletown’s North End neighborhood.

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